Strategy and Execution for Companies Serious about Growth

Jim Roddy CBA works with high-initiative, growth-oriented companies throughout North America to help them uncover their blind spots with customers, employees, and business best practices. Company president Jim Roddy applies his 25+ years of business management experience, executive leadership, and industry expertise to help them get better.

Our core purpose is to help companies improve their profits and achieve all their employee-development outcomes at a fraction of the cost of a typical full-time employee.

As of June 2019, Jim is offering these services through his role at the Retail Solutions Providers Association as one of the association’s business coaches.



Jim Roddy is a popular keynote speaker and moderator because of his business knowledge and a presentation style that is “infotaining” — a combination of informational and entertaining.


Featuring Jim Roddy's Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer and The Walk-On Method To Career & Business Success.

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