Roddy Named Top Retail Expert

For the fourth consecutive year, Jim Roddy has been named a RETHINK Retail Top Expert, an award recognizing global B2B thought leaders.

Podcast Guest Appearances: The Walk-On Method

The Walk-On Method has been discussed coast-to-coast through Jim Roddy's guest appearances on several podcasts.

The Walk-On Method To Career & Business Success

The Walk-On Method to Career & Business Success: 31 Underdogs Who Became Extraordinary (And So Can You!)

Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer

Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer by Jim Roddy features detailed examples and time-tested hiring best practices you can implement immediately at your organization.

Blog: 4 Crucial Customer Service Communication Skills for Resellers

Changing the mindset of your team may be the first step to improve your customer service, but skill building is where the rubber meets the road.

Blog: A VAR’s Guide to Obsessing Over Customer Satisfaction

Your company’s top priority should be creating more value for your customers and helping them achieve their goals.

Blog: 5 Tactics to Ensure You Know Your Clients’ Goals

These tactics help leading resellers not only retain customers but upsell them.

Blog: Your Best Salesperson Isn’t a Salesperson

The best salesperson isn’t the one with the most hair gel, the most confidence, or the most sales tricks.

Blog: Content Marketing Shortcuts for POS Resellers

Embrace these three tactics that will put you on the fast track to quality content -- without requiring you to ditch your day job.

Blog: 5 Fundamentals of POS Reseller Marketing

Let’s get concrete about marketing and highlight five best practices resellers can adopt to accelerate their sales growth.

Blog: “Perpetual Recurring Revenue” and 17 More Insights from BlueStar’s Channel Conferences in Toronto

BlueStar's ISV Connect Summit and Innovative Solutions Tour May 9 in Toronto featured great channel content including these observations.

Blog: Amazon’s Message for the POS Channel

Amazon’s shareholders were the target audience for Jeff Bezos' annual letter, but it seemed he was also sending a message to the POS channel.